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Consultant Academy
Your Pathway to a Thriving Career in Tech Consulting

About the Program

As someone new to Salesforce consulting, you've earned your certifications, but breaking into the industry can feel like a catch-22: you need experience to get hired, but you can't gain experience without a job. Tech Forward's Consultant Academy is designed to solve this dilemma. Our six-month program gives you the hands-on experience you've been craving, as you'll be assigned to up to three real-world projects in sectors like nonprofit, education, and small business. These aren't just hypothetical exercises; they're client engagements where your contributions have a meaningful impact. Throughout the program, you'll receive targeted coaching on key consulting skills, from problem-solving and communication to project management and Salesforce-specific technologies. By the end, you'll not only have gained one to three additional Salesforce certifications but you'll also have a comprehensive portfolio showcased on our TechPortfolio App, giving you a competitive edge in the job market


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Academy Overview

Our Consultant Academy is a 6-month program designed to equip aspiring Salesforce consultants with the hands-on experience and professional skills they need to succeed.​


Program Curriculum

Our core curriculum covers essential topics for technology consultants, with a special focus on Salesforce products for the nonprofit, education, and small business sectors.

Personalized Coaching

Participants will receive tailored feedback and support to address individual learning needs and challenges.

Teaching Methodology

Learn by doing. Work on up to three real client projects, honing your skills and gaining invaluable hands-on Salesforce experience.

Skill Development

Participants will gain essential skills, including problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and project management, essential for successful Salesforce professionals.

  • How do I get started as an employer?
    Fill out our contact form, and we'll get in touch with tailored service options.
  • What types of companies benefit most from this service?
    Any company looking for certified Salesforce talent, from SMEs to large enterprises.
  • How much does this service cost?
    Hiring companies pay a fee to access our app or opt for premium placement. Please contact us for more details.

Ebony Butler, GA

"Consultant Academy transformed my career. The hands-on experience and professional guidance are unmatched."
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